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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of them, yes. We also make some of our soaps with distilled water, coconut water, bourbon, and beer. We do keep in mind our vegan customers, so there will always be a few non-goats milk soaps.
Not all of them, no. Course sea salt is used for aesthetic purposes mostly, and for decoration on the top of some of the bars. Although we have made a luxurious salt bar before. It’s amazingly soothing for your muscles.
Absolutely, Yes!! We use natural minerals, such as mined micas. Micas is a finely ground powder made of metamorphic rock muscovite. We also use clays, spices, and ground vegetable powders as a natural colorant, as well.
Just as you would with a bar of soap, place them in your hand and rub them all over your hair and you’ll achieve a great lather to further wash your hair with.

Yes!! Most are premium fragrance oils because they provide more scent stability that Essential Oils. We use Essential Oils in our soaps because of the added benefits they provide and the natural fragrances they leave in our soaps.

Depending on various conditions, like amount of minerals in your water and how often you bathe, Ideally they can last up to 3-4 weeks each.
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